YouVisit has been acquired by EAB

We are excited to share that YouVisit has been acquired by EAB. This strategic acquisition brings together EAB’s industry-leading enrollment marketing services and YouVisit’s proprietary content engagement solution, empowering institutions to effectively navigate the digital transformation that is occurring in higher ed. Our complimentary offerings, shared vision, mission, and values enhance our ability to drive value for our partners.

Better Together

How students research colleges has dramatically changed, meaning college recruitment and marketing strategies must as well. With student search being primarily a digital process, institutions face a whole new set of challenges. With the combination of EAB’s 30 years of experience in enrollment marketing and YouVisit’s content engagement solutions, our partner institutions will be empowered to meet the digital expectations of today’s students.

Integrating EAB’s omni-channel marketing programs with YouVisit’s interactive content, colleges are able to reach prospective students and create meaningful interactions that advance students through the recruitment process. These digital touch-points allow colleges and universities to differentiate and educate on what makes their school unique in an engaging way that was previously never possible.