We don’t call it a Client Success Team for nothing

Our Client Success Team is made up of former Higher Ed professionals and are here to make sure you get the utmost possible value from your investment in YouVisit.

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For 10+ years, our team has partnered with over 700 institutions to help achieve their recruitment and enrollment goals.

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It starts with a match

As a YouVisit partner, you’re paired with a dedicated Client Success Manager. Not just any Client Success Manager, but one that is specific to your region and specializes in industry trends and shifts that affect it.

As your trusted resource, we'll provide:

Business Intelligence Insights

Review a vast array of YouVisit’s business intelligence insights to identify opportunities and develop targeted strategies to support them.

Strategic Planning

Work closely with your Client Success Manager to align YouVisit campaign roll outs with the recruitment cycle to ultimately achieve your goals.


Closely monitor your visitor performance with the help of our Client Success Team and YouVisit’s custom CMS.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Meet quarterly to align on your performance, your goals & strategies, and your return-on-investment.

An extension of your team

Think of YouVisit as an extension of your team. With our Client Success Team, you are not alone. We are only a phone call away and will be with you every step of the way.

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