What is Super Content?

You may have heard of Super Content and how it makes us unique, but are unclear what that means. Our website describes Super Content as weaving multiple media types into one single asset, transforming traditional photos and videos into immersive and interactive content. Let’s take a step back and walk you through what Super Content is and how it is created.

If I asked you what this is, you would be able to answer.

This is, of course, a picture. Perhaps you could also tell me the file types it saves as if I asked: jpeg, gif, png. The same could probably be said for a video file (WMV, MOV, MP4) or and audio file (MP3, WAV, AAC)

These are all various types of media files. When you create a powerpoint, you may add pictures (.jpeg), audio clips (.MP3) or videos (.MP4) to add dimension to your presentation. When you save this newly created file it is saved as a .pptx. Despite the change in file type, when you open the presentation it will still contain all the images, audio clips, and videos you put into the presentation. Powerpoint allows you to add in different media types and create one master media type that stores them all.

Super Content is like powerpoint. It is its own media type, but it can contain other media types within it.

How It Works

At YouVisit, we wanted a better way to serve our customers and allow them to show more to prospective students. What we found was, while each piece of content is a valuable sentence of your story, no single piece alone could tell the whole story.

This insight resulted in a revolutionary way to transform your existing content into Super Content. What this allows you to do is combine each sentence of your story to show the whole picture.

Our Super Content builder allows you to use either a traditional or 360 photo as the foundation of what we call a destination. Destinations are places around campus students want to visit and explore. Pictures, videos, and other various types of media can be layered right on top of the original image. The result, Super Content, has multiple layers of individual content that seamlessly become one cohesive interactive experience. This newly created content can be embedded on your website to show prospective students more when visiting your page.

A Closer Look

For example, take a look at this piece of Super Content embedded below:

We started with a 360 photo of a whiffle ball game going on on campus. This 360 is the foundation of the destination. If you move your mouse around the destination, you will see another 360 photo and video we added on top of the base picture. Within Super Content all three files become one image students can interact.

The layers are what turn your traditional content into interactive and immersive content. A flat image shows a snapshot of a place in time, but layering on more content adds depth and perspective. Each additional piece of content added to the base image allows prospective students to get a clearer picture of the unique story you are trying to tell.

Why It Matters

Prospective students want more information before making decisions than previous generations, and that’s exactly what super content does. Showing students more leads to more knowledge and higher conversions. Every school has a story that is uniquely theirs. This is a way for students to know that story.