Want to Reach International Students? Launch a virtual campus tour!

Once upon a time college recruiters engaged international high school students by using direct mail campaigns, brochures and even—gasp!—a black object with buttons on their desk called the telephone. The digital revolution has ushered in new rules of engagement. The result of this seismic shift? Once proven methods just don’t cut it anymore for schools looking to gain the attention of a generation who’ve been online practically since birth. (Plus, there’s the fact that old-school tactics are difficult to measure and track.) And simply plopping Google Maps on your website doesn’t give a generation of discerning digital natives an experience they will want to engage with.

To attract top students from all over the world, colleges and universities need to show high school juniors and seniors what it is like to live and learn on their campus. This is where YouVisit’s virtual campus tours prove to be a worthy investment that delivers annual dividends.

Our virtual tours are designed to immerse potential students in your campus, and have them feel as if they’re actually there. This is accomplished through robust media, including 360-degree photos and videos, traditional photography and 2D video, video tour guides, and a virtual reality component. These experiences are proven to boost engagement, generate qualified leads and increase conversion rates.

When Georgia Tech engaged us to help raise their profile among international science, engineering and mathematics candidates with the goal of increasing enrollment, we created a multi-language interactive experience to bring the campus closer to both international students and their families.

Featured prominently on the school’s admissions page since March 2016, the results were impressive: Georgia Tech’s 28 percent increase in international enrollment and 17 percent conversion rate is directly attributed to the campus tour which was strategically leveraged across the school’s website, marketing campaigns, college fair activations, and shared on social media.

Not only have over 40,000 students from 84 countries visited the campus virtually, averaging ten minutes on site, but the tour brought added efficiency to the admissions department, minimizing travel, marketing and international recruitment costs.

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