The YouVisit Foundation- At a Glance


YouVisit formed in 2010 as a way to make campus visits accessible to all students regardless of their background. Seven years later, in 2017, the founders decided there was more they could do for their community. Thus, they created the YouVisit Foundation.

The mission of the YouVisit foundation is to inspire, motivate, and help students from all backgrounds find the post-secondary option that is right for them. Furthermore, the Foundation executes this mission by exposing students to the technologies of the future. Through this mission, the YouVisit Foundation collaborates with the most influential organizations in the educational sector to transform the lives of thousands of students across the United States, with a focus in NYC, Houston, and Florida.

Our Partnership:

The YouVisit Foundation is a separate company than YouVisit; however, the two partner in meaningful ways to greater the reach of either company alone. Here is how YouVisit assists the Foundation in achieving its goals:

    1.) The Foundation utilizes YouVisit’s technology to expose students to institutions virtually. Notably, these students come from areas of need around New York City.

    2.) YouVisit employees can readily volunteer with the Foundation. These volunteers can speak to students in NYC public schools, generate marketing pieces, and participate in Foundation other activities.

    3.) The Foundation brings students to YouVisit’s New York City office building and allows students to interact with employees. This visit enables students to see the value of a post-secondary education tangibly.

All About the Students:

High schools that partner with the Foundation have their students placed in an Immersion Program. The Immersion Program consists of four modules that inspire students and help them find the post-secondary option that is right for them.

Module One: Technology of the Future


Description: During this session, experts from YouVisit share their knowledge of VR/AR/AI and 360 content with students. At this time, students visit institutions through technology.

Learning Objectives: Students learn about the college landscape, different types of post-secondary options, and create their preliminary Top 10 Institutions List.


Module Two: Finding the Right Option for YOU!

Description: Students learn about the different types of colleges and universities. Next, they virtually walk through college campuses across the country as if they were physically there. Thus, helping students formulate thoughts on the type of colleges that are the best fit for them.

Module two is made possible by a great partnership with Stony Brook University. They take a hands-on approach to teaching students the requirements to be accepted to college, showing them how to find information on a website, and guiding them through the college application process.


Learning Objectives: Students learn about and are able to differentiate between emerging technologies. Additionally, they learn the skills and education level required for jobs. They always leave excited and inspired.

Module Three: Role Models to the Classroom


Description: Students are inspired by hearing from relatable role models. YouVisit employees share their powerful and inspirational stories. These stories range from growing up, their college journey, career path, and current role at YouVisit.


Learning Objectives: Students learn about the importance of post-secondary education and setting personal goals. They gain exposure to a diverse range of majors, career paths, and cultural backgrounds.


Module Four: A Corporate Tour

Description: Students take a field trip to the YouVisit Headquarters in Manhattan. This trip brings the content from all the prior modules to life. Employees engage students in dynamic conversations, panels, and competitions. Students leave with a better sense of how a technology company operates. This experience leaves them energized around careers goals, post-secondary options and following their passions.

Learning Objectives: Students learn about teamwork, collaboration, and shared workspaces. Additionally, they gain a better understanding of VR/AR/AI through direct interaction with these immersive technologies.

Get Involved

YouVisit is proud to partner with the YouVisit Foundation to help transform the lives of students from all backgrounds. If you would like to get involved with the YouVisit Foundation, email