A Guide To Recruiting International Students

Until recent years, the United States was the top college destination for international students. However, in the last year, data shows the enrollment of international students has seen a decrease of 4%. While some of these factors which affect attendance are out of your control, you’re not helpless. There are things you can do to make international students feel excited to attend your school.

Immigration Worries

One of the worst things you can do for an anxious international student is to ignore the problems they face in attending college in the US. It is critical to show the issues that matter to them also matter to your institution. Keeping them informed on changes to immigration policies and showing you are ready to assist will demonstrate authority on this issue. Use email campaigns to highlight services on campus aimed at helping students through the extensive enrollment paperwork. Communication can help students feel they are cared for and properly supported. This feeling will build a trusting relationship between your school and the prospective student.

Student Inclusivity

To many international students, the United States does not feel like a welcoming place, but that feeling does not have to extend to your school. Use messaging that highlights specific programs on campus that will make them feel included. You can also feature bios of current international students on your campus. By showing off diversity on campus and a community that centers around inclusivity, students will feel at ease when thinking of attending your college.

Guidance Post-Graduation

Another worry international students have is the lack of job security after graduation. This worry is an opportunity to communicate individual success stories or overall placement metrics of your international student body. Show off the internship and networking opportunities your school has to offer. Using messaging design to reassure students of your support will gain confidence in the programs you have in place for job placement after graduation.

How We Can Help

In recruiting domestic students, getting them to visit campus is a primary goal. This goal is often not as easy for international students. We can, however, help you develop a virtual tour that will immerse students on campus. We like to say our virtual tours are the next best thing to actually being there. An essential part of a campus visit is getting a student to understand the unique elements of your story. For example, words alone can’t explain culture and student life. We use 360 pictures, videos, and traditional photos to give students the ability to look around as if they were actually there.

Your campus’s diverse programs and efforts at inclusivity are meaningful pieces that make you stand out from other institutions. Be sure to highlight them in communicating with prospective students.