Hotels, Keep Your Commissions

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) disrupted the hotel and travel industries when they first launched. Suddenly, travelers were flocking to third-party websites, making decisions about what room to book based on price more than anything else. Features, amenities, room size, perks, and even brand loyalty all took back seats to the best deal. And on top of all that, hotels continued to pay booking fees to OTAs for “managing the process.”

But the times, they are changing. With the advent of software and technology that lets you feature immersive 360-degree content on your website, hotels can stem the flow of commissions they’re paying out to OTAs and increase bookings made directly through their site.

Prominently featuring an immersive media experience of your hotel on your website will help bring visitors back to your site and retain them. By offering a realistic, interactive 360-degree experience of your property’s rooms, facilities, and amenities, you’ll provide potential guests an exclusive look and feel that no OTA will be able to replicate. Once they’re in the sales funnel on your site, calls-to-action within the experience direct them to your booking system.

YouVisit’s award-winning platform ensures that your immersive experience is accessible on desktop, mobile, and VR headsets. It also tracks performance, helping you measure effectiveness and optimize.  

We worked with Grand Velas Riviera Maya to increase conversions among visitors to their website by 18 percent, and increase booking revenue by 23 percent. And our recently launched experience for Renaissance Hotels is a first of its kind for a hotel brand, blending real-world 360-degree content with interactive elements to create an engaging narrative.

Providing guests with an immersive, an interactive 360-degree preview of your hotel is quickly becoming the norm. Stay ahead of your competition, gain more brand loyal customers and reduce commissions to OTAs. Make the investment in an immersive media experience now, and the money you save on commissions will far exceed that initial cost.

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