Does Your Student Recruitment Program Make the Grade?

In a recent report by Nucleus Research 72 higher education decision makers were asked about their top challenges. Unsurprisingly, financial viability/budgeting and enrollment were at the top of the list.

The report went on to ask them to grade the performance of their efforts across the student lifecycle. What stood out was that respondents only gave themselves a C+ in recruiting and admissions. Thus, demonstrating a need to find ways to improve and optimize results.

However, one cannot view these two questions and answers independently. Instead, they must ask themselves how they can improve recruitment programs to overcome challenges related to ROI on budgets and enrollment.

How To Fix Your Recruitment Programs

So let’s talk more about these underperforming recruitment programs. As a professional in higher ed, you’re already aware that today’s students have a whole new set of expectations. They want to research schools their way and are seeking information on their terms. They want to get the best possible representation of an institution’s culture and what differentiates them from other schools. To support this, colleges and universities are leveraging photos, videos, and some even have virtual tours. But this is 2019, and those tactics are totally 2009!

YouVisit began as a virtual tour company, funnily enough in 2009, but has since reinvented our platform to meet the needs of students in 2019. Our experiential content platform integrates photos and videos into 360-degree video and photography. The platform allows you to combine all sorts of visual assets into one new super asset that Gen Z loves.

Viewers can see what they want to see, converting a direct communication (video & virtual tours) into a ‘choose your adventure.’ And immersive experiences do more than drive engagement; they deliver participation. They evoke powerful emotions and enable institutions to effectively communicate their story, differentiate, and connect with students.

But this is about improving the performance of recruitment programs. So to demonstrate the value an immersive experience can deliver, in 2018, institutions with immersive experiences saw a 22% higher conversion rate than those who had virtual tours.

So if you want to get your recruitment program grade up from a C+ to an A+ go ahead and contact us. We would love to discuss how YouVisit’s platform can help you overcome the top challenges in higher ed today.