Communicating With Gen Z is Hard. Here’s Why

I was on a phone call with a prospective client the other day, and one thing kept popping up: communicating with Gen Z is difficult. This point got me wondering why is that? I did some research and what I found was they are overall critical of higher education and the value it offers. Let’s go over how I came to this conclusion and some ideas that help mitigate their lack of trust.

Student Debt Is Real…Gen Z Doesn’t Want It

Growing up, Generation Z faced a hard fact- graduating college doesn’t guarantee you a job. They watched millennials struggle to find work all while balancing their loan payments. Student debt is a real concern for Gen Z, and they aren’t sure if a degree is worth the price.

Generation Z is pragmatic. They ask in-depth questions, and demand answers before deciding where to go to school. Their wants can range on topics from job placement after graduation, the number of scholarships offered, or percentage of students who graduate debt-free, but one thing is clear they want to see that the value of college out weights the cost.

More Than Education

Generation Z views college as a reflection of self, and as such look to find a school with culture and values similar to theirs. While what you offer is still important, how students will fit in once they arrive on campus carries more weight than ever before. Each school has something that makes it unique. Highlight these x-factors in a meaningful way helps not only attract students but attract the right students who will feel at home on campus.

Let Students Tell Your Story

Because Generation Z is skeptical of higher ed, crafting messages to reach them can prove to be tricky. Using students to tell your story comes off as more authentic and helps put their peers at ease.

Here are some ideas

  • Use student narrators to tell their stories
  • Have them highlight student activities on campus
  • Let them show a day in their life
  • The common thread in all of these tips is students. Prospective students want to hear what college life is like from someone like them. Adding authenticity to your campaigns by leveraging your student body can help gain trust.

    It’s not just about how you communicate, but what you communicate. Generation Z needs to have more information before making decisions. Help them feel confident in their choice by using your content to tell your whole story. This need is where we can help. YouVisit transforms the content you already have into an immersive experience. This interactive content allows curious Gen Zers to understand the crucial information they need like culture and values. Show your unique perspective in a genuine way to help this generation feel ready for life on campus.