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Flat media falls flat with Gen Z

Gen Z has far higher and different expectations when it comes to the kinds of digital experiences they want to engage with.

Gen Z wants interactive content


360° photos and videos enable exploration


Clickable elements encourage participation


Embedded videos support visual learning

YouVisit Interactive Content Engagement Solutions

Virtual Tours

Supplement physical visits by letting prospective students explore your campus from anywhere on any device

Interactive Web Content

Embed YouVisit's Interactive Web Content directly into web and landing pages to increases engagement.

Show More - Engage More - Achieve More


minutes of engagement


increase in physical visits


lift in engagement


increase in inquiries


"Our virtual tour is a huge complement to our marketing plan. Not only can we tell a story about our institution, prospective student can see our beautiful campus"

David Barron
Associate VP, Enrollment Services
Augusta University

"Having the ability for students to immersive themselves contributed to their making an informed decision. We'll continue to use our YouVisit virtual experience to its fullest advantage."

Christopher Wright
Dean of admissions and enrollment management
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

We're a partner and resource for your team

Strategic Planning

Our teams is made up of former admissions professionals and digital marketing experts

We have over 10 years of experience working with higher education institutions

We have worked with over 700+ colleges and universities

Content Creation

We have an award-winning studio production and post-production team

Our content capture teams are experts in creating 360° photo and 360° video content

We're seasoned creatives focused on visual story-telling that brings campuses to life

Actionable Insights

We have a business intelligence team analyzing deep data sets providing meaningful insights

We use student behavioral data from our content solutions to inform programs, campaigns, and optimization

We use our robust demographic data to inform student segmentation and prioritization of markets