Is your website helping or hurting recruitment?

Gen Z has a whole new set of digital expectations. Does your website meet them? YouVisit's interactive web content solution transforms static content into a new kind of Super Contentâ„¢, making web pages engaging experiences.

Try it for yourself. Rotate the 360 photos, click on videos, and engage with the interactive hotspots.

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Interactive web content increases engagement by 38%

Residence Hall Pages

Add interactive web content to your residence hall pages to let prospective students, transfer students, and parents go inside a dorm room. Add interactive elements to provide additional information about things like move in date, what to pack, or even link to required forms.

Academics Pages

Give web visitors the ability to take a look inside the classroom. While exploring, give them additional interactive content to hear from other students, professors, or learn more in depth information about what makes your institution's programs unique.

Student Life Pages

When choosing a college or university prospective students like to learn more about students who attend that school. They want to better understand why others choose that institution and what kinds of academic and extra circular activities they're participating in. Use interactive web content to bring photos to life.

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