University Campus Tour

Campus tours are a key influencer on students deciding on a college or university. By eliminating travel time and expense, YouVisit's proprietary virtual tour software makes your institution accessible to a much wider, international assortment of qualified candidates. Our virtual college campus tours allow students and their families to explore your institution from an assortment of easily accessible online platforms, including school Websites, mobile apps, Facebook and college selection Websites that showcase campus virtual tours.

Unlike with traditional school tours, virtual college tour guides will steer visitors through 360-degree panoramic views, rich-media and video content. The Next-Generation 360 Virtual Campus Visit will help your institution generate more visitors, draw quality inquiries, enhance diversity and attract the best possible candidates. Detailed analytics measure success and allow you to improve your interactive content based on the reactions of online visitors.

More than 1 million prospective students from across the global have conducted college campus visits on YouVisit. College and university clients have garnered as much as a 30% increase in physical campus visits, reached prospective students in more than 100 countries and increased conversion rates into quality applications and enrollment.

University Campus Tour Services:

  • Unmatched Innovation: YouVisit's unprecedented technology has earned us national recognition as an industry leader.
  • Tailored Program: YouVisit conducts a thorough assessment of your specific needs and creates your custom Virtual Visit in just six to eight weeks.
  • Transparent Success: YouVisit's interactive online solutions deliver results, including as much as 80% increase in inquiries, 30% increase in physical campus visits, increased diversity (visitors from over 100 countries) and increased conversion rates for applications and enrollment.

University Campus Tour Products:

  • Virtual Tour Models
  • Facebook Services
  • HD Video Production
  • Mobile Apps

Contact YouVisit if you are interested in a complimentary Web evaluation and consultation, or to learn more about our online virtual tours. For more information on ensuring that your college, school and/or university is always accessible to viable candidates, please call YouVisit at 866.585.7158, or click here to contact one of our representatives.