Welcome to San Diego State University

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Hepner Hall

You are now on the Hepner Hall stop of the Welcome trail.

Tour stop audio transcript

Welcome to San Diego State University, located in southern California. Part of the 23-campus California State University system, SDSU is one of the largest universities in the state and continues to gain recognition as a leader in higher education. Before we get started, let me explain the many ways in which you can explore our campus. You can click on the front facing arrow to start walking around our campus. You can also jump to the next stop by clicking on the Next Stop button. Now, if you already know where you want to go, you can select any location by using the tour stop list or by clicking directly on the map. Lastly, remember that you can explore any particular location in more detail by clicking on the 360, Photos or Video icons. This building is Hepner Hall, the oldest and most recognizable building on campus. It is the original entrance to SDSU and the most photographed place on campus, which embodies SDSU. You'll also see the Koester Memorial Sundial, which marks the center point of campus, although it's not perfectly accurate since we have expanded and grown. The size of campus is approximately 282 acres.