VR support not supported on this Device.

Please follow the instructions below to enable VR

Oculus DevKit1

For instructions click here

Oculus DevKit2

  1. Download and install the Oculus SDK

  2. Under Mac settings make sure that the Oculus Rift is set up as a second display and that it is in “Portrait” mode

  3. Download Firefox Nightly for OSX

  4. Once the Oculus has been set up launch the Firefox Nightly Browser and open this page there

  5. Install this plugin to hide the toolbar in fullscreen mode

  6. If sensor data is not being detected ensure no other applications that use the Rift are open and restart Nightly

Note: Your refresh rate needs to be set to 60Hz

Not Fullscreen

This application requires fullscreen mode.

Invalid browser

This application only works on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Development Mode - Enable Web GL).

VR Plugin Error

The VR plugin failed to load successfully.

WebGL Disabled

It seems your WebGL is disabled. Please be sure to enable it!

For optimal experience, you must view this on Safari in iOS 8

Click and hold to copy this link

Please Rotate Your Screen


Please Rotate Your Screen


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