Welcome to College of the Holy Cross

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Linden Lane

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Welcome to Linden Lane, the official entrance to the College of the Holy Cross, named for the linden trees that line both sides of the road. Home to over 3,000 students, our beautiful hilltop campus provides a welcoming setting for exploring your passions while forming close relationships with faculty and fellow students. We're located in the heart of New England in Worcester, Massachusetts, only 38 miles from Boston. As the second largest city in Massachusetts, Worcester offers countless cultural, recreational and professional opportunities. Most importantly, you'll find Holy Cross to be the ideal setting for exploring your passions and for discovering what makes you feel most alive. Before we get started, let me explain the many ways you can explore our beautiful space. -You can click on the forward facing arrow to start walking around. -You can jump to the next stop by clicking on the "Next" button. -Now, if you already know where you want to go, you can select any location by using the list OR by clicking directly on the map. -Lastly, remember that you can explore any particular location in more detail by clicking the supplemental icons.