7 Virtual Campus Tours to Check Out in June 2017

Virtual Campus Tours to Check Out YouVisit

School’s out for summer, but virtual campus tours are always in! No matter the time of day or physical location around the world, a tour is available for prospective students to take 24/7, 365 days a year.

Over the past four weeks, we’ve launched a slew of virtual campus tours for a range of colleges and universities across North America. (Yep, we’re international like that.) Here’s an overview of recent launches.

SUNY Maritime College
Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the 11th virtual campus tour we’ve produced for the State University of New York (SUNY)! Situated on a 55-acre campus in the Bronx 30 minutes from Midtown Manhattan, Maritime College is one of only seven degree-granting maritime academies in the U.S. Founded in 1874, it’s the country’s oldest, largest and most selective maritime institution, preparing the future leaders of the global maritime industry. The tour shows campus locales including Maritime Academic Center, McMurray Hall, Stephen B. Luce Library, and the Mess Deck.

The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
With its new freshman residence and dining hall, science technology building, student recreation center, football/soccer field and more additions to its campus on the horizon, UTPB’s experience shows off the state school’s main and Midland campuses. One of the must-view tour stops is the amazing replica of Stonehenge built in 2004 by a professor, students, donors and volunteers.

Adler University
Private graduate school Adler University continues the groundbreaking work of world renown psychologist Alfred Adler. After we launched a virtual tour for the school’s Chicago campus, Adler University now shines the spotlight on its Vancouver school. Located in a modern building in the city’s downtown education hub with a wealth of amenities, attractions and diversity provided by area residents, the tour shows the state-of-the-art facility, which opened February 2017.

University Guide Service at the University of Virginia
The virtual campus tour we created for the University of Virginia (UVA) is unique, namely because our client wasn’t the school administration — it was a student group. The students were involved in the tour at every juncture, securing a grant, sourcing a vendor (that’s us!), and helping with the filming process. The students behind the endeavor believe a virtual tour created for students by students is the most authentic way to show the school’s sprawling campus and vibrant culture.

Spartanburg Methodist College
Based in Spartanburg, SC, Spartanburg Methodist College is the state’s only two-year, independent, residential college. It’s a liberal arts school offering two- and four-year paths that let students discover their academic and career interests. Their tour shows off SMC’s historic, beautifully wooded 100-acre campus, featuring the state of the art Montgomery Science Annex, Sparrow Residence Hall, chapel and the dynamic Ellis Hall art space.

Oakwood University
Located on 1185 acres in Hunstville, AL, Oakwood University is consistently ranked as a top regional school by US News & World Report. The campus tour shows the university’s five schools, featuring historic and contemporary buildings, as well as amenities for students studying over 58 different majors.

Northern Arizona University “This is Lumberjack Country”
To complement the two fully immersive campus tour experiences we’ve previously created, we launched This is Lumberjack Country for Northern Arizona University. It’s a regional tour exploring exciting local sites including Flagstaff Urban Trail System, Lowell Observatory, Wupatki National Monument, and the Grand Canyon. After taking the tour, you’ll want to call NAU home for the next four years.

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