10 Virtual Campus Tours You Don’t Want to Miss [July 2017 Edition]

VR Experiences to Check Out: July 2017

Ah, July. For students, the arrival of this mid-summer month means buckling down on two things: vacations and making plans for the fast-approaching fall semester. For YouVisit, it’s a great time to explore new virtual campus tours that launched over the past month. Read below to find out why the country’s top colleges and universities are partnering with YouVisit to engage prospective students and drive enrollment.

1. Duke University
What do you do when your campus is among the most beautiful in the world? You make it easy for prospective students to experience it, of course!

With its iconic 210-foot tower, Duke University, which was recently named the #35 of top 50 most beautiful campuses, worked with YouVisit to showcase their campus to potential students from around the world. Viewers can explore the stacks in the Perkins/Bostock Libraries, marvel at the view from the East Campus Quad, and more.

2. Indiana Tech
As a career-oriented institution specializing in engineering, business, computer science, and more-the team at Indiana Tech is extremely familiar with marketing to practical-minded prospective students. That’s why a virtual campus tour was a natural fit for their website. What better way to engage practically minded students than with an immersive virtual tour?

Indiana Tech’s new virtual tour allows them to showcase their campus with potential students far away from the Great Lakes region. As their homepage states, with VR, you can visit their campus “without leaving your seat.”

3. Dean College
College students have diverse interests. Some are passionate about sports; others would rather spend time at the library. And that’s the best part of immersive campus tours: the viewer is in the driver’s seat. Prospective students interested in Dean College’s School of the Arts can explore The Performing Arts Center, while those more interested in shooting hoops can explore the impressive Pieri Gym.

4. Truckee Meadows Community College
For smaller colleges and universities, in-person visits are often infeasible for prospective students outside the immediate area. Virtual campus tours can help answer intangible questions like, “does the campus feel cozy?” and “will I fit in here?” Truckee Meadows Community College’s new virtual tour was designed to give long-distance prospective students that perspective, without making the trek to Reno, NV.

5. Metropolitan State University of Denver
MSU’s virtual campus tour combines the personal feel of a guided tour with rich, interactive 360-degree video. visitors can explore the current incarnation of the Tivoli Quad, while learning about its history (fun fact: the building was once a brewery and shopping mall). Don’t miss the tour of Larimer Street in downtown Denver.

6. FAMU-FSU College of Engineering
The new virtual tour of the College of Engineering is Florida State University’s second YouVisit-powered experience. While the first tour features a beautiful overview of the campus grounds, the new edition focuses on the College of Engineering and offers a behind-the-scenes look into the engineering school’s state-of-the-art facility. Prospective students can tour the machine shop, computer lab, and more.

7. Montgomery College
Located just outside Washington, D.C., Montgomery College boasts three campuses: Rockville, Takoma Park/Silver Springs, and Germantown. Virtual visitors can tour all the campuses via a guided virtual walking tour, as well as 360-degree views of key campus buildings, like the Parilla Performing Arts Center and the Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Tower.

8. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Most students at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) enroll before ever visiting the campus in person. But now students can explore the school’s campus in Wake Forest, North Carolina, without ever leaving their hometown. With this additional functionality, SEBTS can ensure its students are choosing the right school for them.

9. Missouri University of Science and Technology
The historic Missouri S&T campus is host to a nuclear reactor, solar house, and numerous concrete canoes. And now, thanks to Missouri S&T’s new virtual college tour, prospective engineering students can explore all the campus has to offer engineering students, including the campus Emerson Electric Company and Computer Science Building.

10. Angelo State University
ASU encourages its students to live on-campus, and offers an array of living options and ways to connect with other students. Their recently launched college virtual tour allows students to discover key landmarks and get excited about living on campus with their peers. Don’t miss the view of Lake Nasworthy, which can be seen from the ASU Lake House.

Hundreds of colleges and universities partner with YouVisit to introduce their school to prospective students. YouVisit experiences increase physical campus visits, applications, and yield rate. Learn more.

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