[CASE STUDY] 3 Creative Ways Public Colleges Boost International & Out-of-State Enrollment

The following observation will come as no surprise to admissions professionals at public institutions: Out-of-state and international students are more profitable, since they typically pay higher tuition fees than their in-state counterparts.

Plus, according to research from Ruffalo Noel Levitz, international undergraduate students are cheaper to recruit ($329 median spend/international student, compared to $578 for overall median), and require less staff per enrolled student.

It makes good fiscal sense to allocate considerable resources to your international and out-of-state recruitment efforts.

It’s often expensive and logistically difficult for prospective international and long-distance out-of-state students to visit your school in-person before they submit an application.

But there’s still one significant hurdle colleges face when it comes to enrolling more international and out-of-state students: It’s often expensive and logistically difficult for prospective international and long-distance out-of-state students to visit your school in-person before they submit an application.

This post shares how three public institutions–Eastern Michigan University, Augusta University, and Georgia Tech–improve international and out-of-state enrollment with the engaging power of virtual campus tours.

1. Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan is a large public university located in Ypsilanti, MI.

Objectives: For the 2016 academic year, their primary enrollment goals were to increase the share of international students and improve campus diversity.

To meet their goals, the school partnered with YouVisit to create a guided virtual campus tour. The tour was designed to enable international students to experience campus life as if they were there for an in-person visit. Plus, the tour features high-visibility CTAs to help drive conversions and was available in four languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

To drive the most traffic to their virtual tour, Eastern Michigan promoted its experience via:

  • Website (homepage, admissions page, etc.)
  • Direct email campaigns
  • Social media

Click here to learn more about Eastern Michigan’s strategy

2. Augusta University

Augusta University is a public research college and medical center located in Augusta, GA and founded in 1828.

Objective: Augusta’s primary goal was to increase enrollment among students from outside the immediate Atlanta region. The school decided on an outbound marketing effort to educate prospective students about the available majors, campus facilities, and more.

To meet their objectives, Augusta partnered with YouVisit to create an informative virtual walking tour, which serves as an engaging introduction to two of the school’s Health Services and Summerville campuses. Prospective students can experience for themselves what makes Augusta University special, right from their mobile device, desktop computer, or VR headset.

The school promoted its experience during key moments in the student’s decision journey, including via:

  • Email and text message
  • College fairs
  • Direct mail campaigns

Click here to learn more about Augusta’s strategy

3. Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is a top-ranked public college and one of the leading research universities in the US. The school is organized into six colleges and 31 departments.

Objectives: Georgia Tech’s primary goals were to increase the share of applicants and increase the number of students choosing to major in science, engineering, and mathematics.

To meet their goals, Georgia Tech partnered with YouVisit to create a comprehensive virtual walking tour of the school’s state-of-the-art campus, complete with beautiful 360-degree photography and details about 20+ of the campus’s many buildings, including the iconic Tech Tower, Habersham Building, and the Bobby Dodd Stadium. By presenting a wealth of much information in a highly immersive setting, Georgia Tech was able to increase engagement and reach prospective students from 80+ countries.

Click here to learn more about Georgia Tech’s strategy


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Marc Hummel is YouVisit’s content marketing manager.

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