CES: Beyond the Tech

Virtual reality and gaming technology have both evolved in amazing, unexpected and unprecedented ways in the past few years — and at a rapid pace. The innovation has been so rampant and expansive that it sometimes seems like as soon … Continue

CES 2016’s coolest and craziest VR and AR

YouVisit partners with brands and companies to make 360 video. For example, users can use YouVisit to browse New York restaurants, college campuses, or watch a DJ set from electronic dance music festival Tomorrowland. Image: Erin Carson/TechRepublic

Virtual Reality Meets High Fashion

Forbes contributor Ko Im reviews YouVisit’s “Mirror to the Soul” from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia and discovers how VR intersects with haute couture. See full video here: http://onforb.es/1YZInxJ

Visions of an Immersive World

This special report was created by FastCo.Works, a division of Fast Company, in partnership with MINI. VIRTUAL REALITY IS ON THE VERGE of transforming much of life as we know it. Putting fans courtside at an NBA game or even … Continue

Press Release: YouVisit Launches New Virtual Reality App with More Than 1,000 Immersive Experiences for iOS and Andriod Smartphones

YouVisit Logo

Smartphone Users Given Easy Access to Largest Collection of Virtual Reality Experiences Currently in Existence NEW YORK — July 16, 2015 — YouVisit, a leading virtual reality technology provider, today announced the availability of a brand new virtual reality app … Continue

YouVisit Launches 2 Gear VR Apps

YouVisit recently arrived on Samsung and Oculus VR’s mobile head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR. YouVisit University enables users to take virtual tours of college and university campuses in virtual reality (VR) rather than just viewing on a 2D screen, but also YouVisit has now brought out Restaurants for Gear VR.


Reaching students in a snap

By Abi Mandelbaum March 06, 2015   Recently, Snapchat – a photo and video social media platform – surpassed Instagram and Tumblr as the fastest growing social media app for smartphones, with an estimated 200 million Snapchat users, the vast … Continue

How Colleges Are Using SnapChat to Connect with Students

By YouVisit Virtual Campus Visit Programs     Are you familiar with SnapChat and how it’s used not only by your students but the colleges and universities they’re considering? Given the photo-sharing app’s enormously popularity, you should be. People digest visual … Continue

YouVisit Campus Virtually With New Online Tour Experience

By Katy Bennett, Peyton Carrington November 3, 2014   LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 3, 2014) — The University of Kentucky is proud to launch two brand new virtual tours — one of the main campus and one of residence halls — through the YouVisit platform. The YouVisit … Continue

Beyond gaming, the VR boom is everywhere—from classrooms to therapy couches

By Kyle Orland October 30, 2014   From trauma treatment to space exploration, VR is more than just fun and games.   When Oculus almost single-handedly revived the idea of virtual reality from its ‘90s vaporware grave, it chose the 2012 … Continue

YouVisit adds Google Cardboard to virtual reality campus tours

By Jamie Feltham October 21, 2014     Companies are only just starting to realize virtual reality (VR) technology’s potential to transport users to other places. This week sees virtual tour outlet YouVisit expand on its own unique VR initiative. The … Continue

You could tour a campus without leaving your hometown. Cue the TourBox

By Brooke Metz October 21, 2014   What if you could visit your dream college without leaving your hometown? With YouVisit, you can. YouVisit, a website that builds virtual tours for college campuses, has developed a headset called TourBox that allows students … Continue

Could the Oculus Rift Redeem Virtual Reality in Higher Ed?

By John K. Waters October 9, 2014   While early virtual reality was ahead of its time, Oculus VR just might push the technology into the mainstream- particularly in higher education. Some technologies arrive ahead of the ecosystems necessary to support them. … Continue

UTSA Graduate School launches YouVisit virtual tour of Main Campus

By John Shaffer, Assistant Director for Graduate Student Success, Graduate School September 24, 2014   (Sept. 24, 2014) — The UTSA Graduate School announces the launch of UTSA’s first virtual tour of the Main Campus. The YouVisit Project, a collaborative … Continue

Oculus Rift Fueling New Vision for Virtual Reality in K-12

By Benjamin Herold August 26, 2014     But critics question educational value After decades of false starts and unkept promises, makers of virtual-reality technology could soon be ready to give students a new and potentially powerful way to learn. … Continue

Virtual reality headset brings campuses to students

By:Matt Zalaznick August 21, 2014 New technology gives distant students a feel for campus Admissions officers: Would more students enroll if you could bring your campus and its top-flight learning spaces along on recruiting trips? That technology—powered by YouVisit.com’s online … Continue

Virtual reality college campus tours might be better than the real thing

By Allen Weiner August 08, 2014   The money train that leads from high school to college begins long before the first day of class. Prior to even paying that first tuition bill, traveling to campus tours and application fees … Continue

Touring Your Future College Campus Using Oculus Rift

Alyssa Bereznak August 1, 2014     This summer, thousands of high school sophomores and juniors will set out to visit the colleges where they hope to spend four (or more) years pursuing a higher education. But if a new … Continue

The college tour is about to undergo a virtual makeover

Ron Bethke July 31, 2014 Oculus Rift, an emerging virtual reality headset platform, is taking developer YouVisit’s virtual campus tours to the next dimension, raising questions about the evolution of traditional college recruitment and selection techniques. Oculus Rift might sound … Continue

Oculus Rift U? Tech goes to college with virtual campus tours

By John Gaudiosi July 31, 2014 Developer YouVisit makes visiting colleges a virtual reality for prospective students. While video games have been the focus around the new wave of virtual reality coming soon from Facebook-owned  FB -2.71%  Oculus VR and Sony’s Morpheus, there … Continue

6 Questions with the Founders of YouVisit.com: Startup Inspiration

By Christine Lunsford July 21, 2014 Our Bright Ideas series asks successful entrepreneurs how they came up with their great business idea, and what advice they’d offer other entrepreneurs. Today we hear from Abi Mandelbaum of YouVisit.com – a six-year-old company that … Continue

Online Recruitment Strategies Heat Up for Colleges and Universities

By Rebecca Strong  July 09, 2014       In an increasingly digital age, many colleges and universities are realizing that attracting young talent requires redirecting their recruitment strategies to the Internet. Embracing e-recruitment isn’t just critical for meeting tech-savvy … Continue

Oculus Rift lets students take virtual tours of 5 colleges

By Benny Evangelista July 27, 2014 YouVisit co-founder Endri Tolka uses Oculus Rift to demonstrate one of the company’s virtual college tours.  The Facebook-owned Oculus Rift has excited the video game world, but an online company that specializes in college … Continue

Alums, founders of YouVisit.com, serve as inspiration for students

Alums, founders of YouVisit.com, serve as inspiration for students

By Jarret Bencks July 23, 2014   Tolka and Baderkhan speak with computer science students about their company and how they aim to use Oculus Rift virtual reality Taher Baderkhan ’03, far left, and Endri Tolka ’03, co-founders of YouVisit.com, … Continue

Facebook’s vision for Oculus Rift realized: YouVisit takes VR beyond gaming

Caitlin McGarry July 23, 2014     Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg boldly claimed that Oculus Rift “has the potential to be the most social platform ever” after acquiring the virtual reality company back in March. But Rift is still under development, … Continue

Companies adapt Oculus Rift tech to take users to college campuses and beyond

By Kristen Taketa  July 3, 2014   Virtual technology enables students to take 3D tours of universities around the world.   The Oculus Rift goggles – originally designed to transport users to fictional worlds of 3D gaming – can now … Continue

Virtual Reality And The Brave New World Of College Recruiting

By Chase Peterson-Withorn July 7, 2014   As colleges and universities face an increasingly tech-savvy applicant pool, many recruiters are seeking out novel ways to speak the new generation’s language. The launch of the Common Application in 1975 – and … Continue

Your Next College Visit Could be Powered by Oculus Rift

By Molly Greenberg July 2, 2014 Screengrab via YouTube As tuition continues to climb alongside airline prices, it has become increasingly more difficult for high schoolers to make traditional college visits in person prior to making one of the most importance … Continue

Yale considers enhanced virtual reality tours

By Rishabh Bhandari July 2, 2014      Within the next few years, prospective students may be able to get a virtual reality tour of the Yale campus using a “ski goggle-like” device known as the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift, … Continue

Universities Look To Oculus Rift To Lure Students To Campus

By Julian Chokkattu June 30,2014   When you hear “Oculus Rift” you think games, but it looks like virtual tours are becoming a new category to the uses for the virtual reality device. Founders of YouVisit, a virtual tour company, Taher Baderkhan, Abi … Continue

I’ve seen the future of college visits, and it’s powered by Oculus VR

By: Ruth Reader June 29, 2014     When I was a young prospective student looking at schools, I did my search through the College Board website. It gave me basic information: ranking among other schools, programs, student body demographics, … Continue

An Oculus-Powered Tour of Yale Made Me Want to Go Back to School

By: Adam Clark Estes June 27, 2014   It was an unlikely afternoon, and I was standing in a skinny office somewhere near the Flatiron Building in Manhattan with an Oculus Rift strapped to my head. But I wasn’t really there. … Continue

The College Search Process, 2.0

By: Abi Mandelbaum May 29, 2014   In the media coverage surrounding emerging trends in the college admissions process, what often gets lost in the noise of rising and falling admissions standards and controversial changes to the SAT is an issue … Continue

3 apps to up your Facebook game

In our recent post 4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Facebook Internationally, we discussed several ways to take advantage of Facebook’s built-in targeting and global features.


YouVisit updates virtual tour for platform

YouVisit has updated its virtual walking tour platform with improved graphics, the ability to make tours full-screen and support for more than 30 additional languages.


YouVisit Brings College Campuses to You

When trying to entice prospective students, colleges and universities encourage students for a visit to get a feel for the campus atmosphere. But not everyone has the ability to travel to their potential dream school, which is where YouVisit enters the picture.


Virtual College Fairs: A Smart Resource for Your Final Decision

In this digital age, many students have the option to attend college fairs virtually. These virtual fairs allow you to view the campus, connect, research, facilitate communication with potential recruiters, and learn about programs that the university has to offer.



Finding the right college can be pretty intimidating, especially if you don’t have the budget to go visit the different colleges and get a good feel for them. That’s why the YouVisit website lets you tour colleges from around the world — virtually.


Tour site offers virtual visits to college campuses

YouVisit offers virtual visit and tour services for colleges via web, mobile and Facebook. The walking tours feature pictures of the inside and outside of buildings around the campus, as well as street views of popular hangout spots. A virtual student from the school narrates the tour, and you click arrows to move to different locations.


Tour site offers virtual visits to college campuses

YouVisit offers virtual visit and tour services for colleges via web, mobile and Facebook. The walking tours feature pictures of the inside and outside of buildings around the campus, as well as street views of popular hangout spots. A virtual student from the school narrates the tour, and you click arrows to move to different locations.


YouVisit Launches Interactive “Find Your Future” Cyber Hunt with a $10,000 Scholarship and Other Prizes for Prospective College Students

YouVisit, a multi-media technology company that creates Virtual Guided Walking Tours for colleges and universities, today announced its launch of the “Find Your Future” Cyber Hunt. Prospective college students can enter and play for a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship and other prizes.



YouVisit, a multi-media technology company that creates Virtual Guided Walking Tours for colleges and universities, today announced its launch of the world’s first visual guide to higher education, YouVisit.com, where students and their families can search, filter and view Virtual Guided Walking Tours of college campuses worldwide.



YouVisit, a technology company that develops first-of-a-kind, life-like Virtual Guided Walking Tours, today announced the launch of its newest dynamic tour through the Vatican. Travelers around the world are invited to ‘visit’ and virtually tour the Vatican, experiencing its timeless collection of art, history and culture.


International Student Enrollment Increase Leading to New Technologies

Knowing that most of these students are going online to conduct research about universities before applying, many colleges and universities are developing custom-tailored Internet solutions in multiple languages, includingvirtual walking tours. YouVisit’s partner schools are seeing significant increases in online visitors from more than 144 countries worldwide.


Greater Baltimore colleges use apps to reach students

Prospective students who visit campus are more likely to enroll than those who don’t. For international students and others who live far away, a virtual tour could be the next best thing to an in-person visit. And even for those who live nearby, experiencing the institution online can get prospects excited about the campus so that they want to visit.


1st Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

University Business is proud to present its first Readers’ Choice Top Products in the following pages, in no specific order. We hope that they can help make a positive difference at your college or university. Congratulations to the winners!


Record Hispanic Students Enroll in U.S. Colleges

YouVisit’s proprietary technologies allow prospective students and parents to take Virtual Walking Tours of hundreds of colleges and universities from a computer or mobile device, and most tours are available in multiple languages such as Spanish and Chinese.


Golden Rules for Using Virtual College Tours

When making the life-changing decision of choosing what college or university to attend, prospective students and their families spend a great deal of time evaluating the campuses and considering characteristics like location, layout, and look and feel. Virtual walking tours help families become better acquainted with schools, get answers to common questions, and make more informed decisions.


YouVisit: Virtualizing campus visits for international students

YouVisit uses proprietary technologies to produce interactive Virtual Campus Visits that feature rich-media, video content and 360-degree panoramic views, and distributes them directly to target audiences using websites, Facebook, and smartphone mobile apps.


How Cash-Strapped Colleges Are Using Web 2.0 Tools To Attract International Students

YouVisit, a technology company and a strategic consultancy helps defray these costs and create value for international students through its Virtual Campus Visit programs for colleges and universities.


Virtual Campus Tours Gain Popularity With Colleges, Prospective Students

Colleges are seeing the potential pay-offs online tour services can have for their recruitment efforts. Digital formats eliminate the restraints time, cost and attention spans present. The growing popularity of colleges’ virtual tours is relieving some of the financial burden prospective students face when planning visits to distant college campuses.


Universities Turn to Internet for Virtual Tours

Abi Mandelbaum, whose company, YouVisit, creates virtual walking tours for universities, said about 80 percent of applicants would visit no more than four college campuses physically. Students indicated that campus visits were a major factor in their decision making.



Prospective students and their families around the globe can now walk through Yale’s campus – right from the comfort of their homes – via several platforms including Yale’s website, Facebook page and smartphone mobile apps, thanks to Yale’s new partnership with YouVisit.


With virtual campus tours, applicants explore colleges

YouVisit Inc. uses 360-degree images to guide visitors from place to place at universities such as Yale, Columbia and UC Riverside. A virtual student gives information on the lecture halls, gyms and dormitories, as well as the surrounding area. It’s like a souped-up Google Street View with an undergraduate narrator.


The Next Level in Virtual Campus Tours

YouVisit is a website that collaborates with schools to give you a virtual walking tour of a college campus. YouVisit team takes an actual guided admission tour of the campus, and bases their virtual tour on that same exact path. You even get a tour guide to talk you through each point of interest, providing the next best thing to being there in-person.


Businesses are recovering, but Washington didn’t help

Colombia-born entrepreneur Abi Mandelbaum launched YouVisit in Aventura, Fla., in 2008. The company makes virtual walking tours of college campuses, promising schools it will increase interest in admissions. Since then, YouVisit has grown to 50 employees from 5. What were a few dozen schools has become a client base of 150 universities in Canada, Europe and the United States


Taking the virtual college tour

Far beyond the traditional photo collages and student testimonials on college websites, YouVisit uses 360-degree photo images, videos, student blogs and virtual tour guides to ‘walk’ the user through the campus


Parent to Parent: Virtual College Tour

Applying to colleges can be a stressful time for the whole family, but now new technology is making choosing a school easier and less expensive for students. Your Campus 360 (now YouVisit) is all about connecting students and their parents with colleges nationwide.


Virtual campus visits let students, parents check out colleges

YouVisit designs Virtual Campus Visits that provide a realistic facsimile of a real walking tour, showing off points of interest, and allowing would-be students to browse buildings and campus features at their own pace.


Greater Baltimore colleges use apps to reach students

Students can use Towson’s free app — named TourTowson for Android and iTourTowson for iPhones — to take interactive campus tours, get the news and weather and even see which of the school’s dining facilities offer vegan fare.


Many colleges and universities are offering campus tours via your smartphone

“Schools nowadays, they realize prospective students are spending a lot of time on Facebook, they’re spending a lot of time on their smart phone,” YourCampus360 CEO Abi Mandelbaum said.


Fine-tune college search online

Today, with technology permeating nearly every aspect of life, students and families are finding ways to stay more organized and productive throughout the process. Applications and mobile devices allow students to research a school, visit a campus and meet with admissions counselors — all while never setting foot on school grounds.


7 Ways Universities Are Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Social media use by universities has become ubiquitous. When earlier this year, researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth asked a representative sample of U.S. schools whether they use some social media, 100% of them said they did. Four years ago, just 61% of them said the same


College in the mobile era: Campus tours via smartphone

YourCampus 360already does virtual tours via the web and Facebook of colleges and universities. Recently it began offering mobile apps to help colleges find students wherever they happen to be.


Virtual campus tours give students an insider’s view

When college students begin classes this month, some arrive after getting their acceptance notices on Facebook. That’s the new mantra fueling the growth of YourCampus360, a start-up that creates virtual, interactive tours for colleges for the university website, mobile apps and Facebook pages.


Virtual campus tours give students an insider’s view

When college students begin classes this month, some arrive after getting their acceptance notices on Facebook. Others are using smartphone applications to find out which parking spots are available.That’s the new mantra fueling the growth of YourCampus360, a startup that creates virtual, interactive tours for colleges for university websites, mobile apps and Facebook pages.


YourCampus360 grows in new age of admissions

When college students begin classes this month, some arrive after getting their acceptance notices on Facebook. Others are using apps to find out which parking spots are available. And others show up after taking walking tours through their campuses — without ever leaving their homes.


Visit College Campuses From Home

Stepping foot on a campus may be the best way to get a true feel for a college, but eCampusTours gives the student the next best option from the convenience of the couch.


YourCampus360-College Visits in the 21st century

College visits are crucial in the selection process and for those of us with limited travel capabilities, virtual sites enable you and your family to get a bird’s-eye view of potential campuses.


Smartphones on Campus: the Search for ‘Killer’ Apps

Using the location-tracking features of many smartphones, several colleges have built detailed maps of their campuses that can superimpose a dot showing the user’s position, continuously updated. One such app was recently developed by the admissions office at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, working with YourCampus360, a company that produces virtual college tours.


Students Get To Tour College Campuses On Facebook

YourCampus360 is a virtual-tour online company focusing on connecting universities with prospective college students, and they have become the first of their kind to integrate their capabilities into schools’ Facebook pages.


Virtual Campus Tours Give Students New Perspective

YourCampus360.com (now YouVisit.com) started producing virtual walking tours of campuses to post on their websites about a year ago. Visitors can click through photos, hear narration, and look inside and outside buildings from all angles.


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