Apartment Style Housing

Purposeful - Just - Sustainable

Transfer and returning students typically elect to live in our apartment style housing, which features single bedrooms, and a shared bathroom, living room, and full kitchen with three or five other students.

The apartment community offers residents a great balance of services, amenities and privacy for those ready to experience a more independent lifestyle. Students also like the convenience of a single bill for rent and utilities. Plus, there’s no worry about unexpected expenses should a roommate move out.

Modular housing is a great option for transfer and returning students who desire a home-like environment in a secluded setting at a lower rate. Most Mod units feature two shared bedrooms and a shared living room, full kitchen and bathroom. A few Mods have been recently remodeled to be apartments with six single bedrooms.

The following themes are offered in Apartment Style Housing:



Rainbow Fort

Reduced Allergen

Substance Free


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