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Click to Watch: Fox News Reports on Campus Visits

Fox News interviews Abi Mandelbaum, CEO of YouVisit about innovations in college recruitment.

What Makes a Viral Video Viral? See How Yale Does It

For the most part, if you've seen one college admission video, you have probably seen them all. Each one giving a parallel heartfelt testimony depicting why a particular college or university is the perfect fit fo…

Influencing the Influencers: Social Media is a Critical Channel for Influencing Parents

Parents, who have an influential voice when it comes to the college selection process, are becoming easier to reach and motivate thanks to their rise of social media usage.

Make Sure Social Recruiting Complements the University Brand

Social media is a tool that provides many opportunities for colleges and universities to facilitate student recruitment and to extend their brand. These networks present a large pool of qualified students to cater…

Cover Story: Show Off Your Campus With A Virtual Tour

YouVisit is proud to have been featured as the cover story for Enrollment Management Report. The following is an excerpt of the article: "The State University of New York at Stony Brook and West Virginia University …