Oregon Institute of Technology

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Dental Hygiene Clinic
Modern Machining and Producti...
Village for Sustainable Livin...
Anatomy & Physiology Classroom
Aspen Grove
Boivin Hall: Computer Lab
CAD/CAM/CAE and Process Planni...
Cascades Dining & MarketPlace ...
College Union Auditorium
College Union Balcony
Computer Engineering Classroom
Danny Miles Court
Design Resource Lab
Diversity Center
Dow Center Breezeway
Electrical Engineering Lab
Geomatics Students Overlooking...
Hydraulics Lab
Mammography Lab
Materials Room
MIT: Diagnostic Medical Sonogr...
MIT: Nuclear Medicine Technolo...
Moehl Stadium & Track Facility
Mt. Shasta Lounge
Nursing Simulation Lab
Outdoor Program
Owens Hall Computer Lab
Paper Owl Bookstore
Pavement Engineering Lab
Purvine Hall (West Entrance)
Purvine Hall Classroom
Purvine Hall: Downstairs Lobby
Purvine Hall: Lecture Room
Purvine Hall: Upstairs Lobby
Radiologic Science Lab
Renewable Energy Engineering L...
Residence Hall Quad
Residence Hall: Double Room
Respiratory Care Lab
Robotics Lab
Semon Hall: Physics Lab
Shaw Historical Library
Softball Field
Soils Lab
Solid Mechanics Lab
Structural Engineering and Mec...
Student Success Center
Tech Fit Center
Traffic Engineering Lab
TV Lounge
Village Apartment: Bedroom
Village Apartment: Living Room...
Women's Resource Center
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Aspen Grove
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