West Point

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Admissions Building
Anderson Rugby Complex
Army Softball Field
Arvin 3rd Floor Weight Room
Arvin 3rd Floor Weight Room
Bartlett Hall & Pershing Barra...
Blaik Field at Michie Stadium
Cadet Barracks
Cadet Chapel
Cadet Chapel (Altar)
Cadet Mess Hall (from Ground F...
Cadet Mess Hall (from the Poop...
Cadet Mess Military History Mu...
Central Area
Christl Arena
Class of 1979 Rock Climbing Co...
Clinton Soccer Field
Combatives Room
Combatives Studios (Arvin CPDC...
Crandall Pool
Cullum Hall
Cullum Hall
Eisenhower Statue & The Plain
Fort Putnam
Fort Putnam (view)
Gillis Field House
Gillis Field House (Volleyball...
Grant & Sherman Barracks
Grant Hall
Hayes Military Movement Labora...
Jefferson Hall (Cadet Library)
Jefferson Hall Rotunda
Jefferson Hall, The Haig Room
Jefferson Hall, The Haig Room
Jewish Chapel Sanctuary
Kimsey Athletic Center
Kimsey Center Class of '59 Str...
Kimsey Center Class of '59 Str...
Lichtenberg Tennis Center
Lou Gross Sports Center
Lusk Reservoir
MacArthur Statue and Barracks
Most Holy Trinity (Catholic) S...
North Area
Old Cadet Chapel & Cemetery
Old Cadet Chapel (Inside)
Patton Statue & Jefferson Hall
Shea Stadium
South Boxing Room
Tate Rink (Hockey)
Thayer Award Room (Taylor Hall...
Thayer Hall
Thayer Hall, Robinson Auditori...
Thayer Statue
The Plain (Lunch Formation)
The Plain (View from Jefferson...
The Plain (View from Jefferson...
Trophy Point
Washington Hall & The Plain
West Point Museum
West Point Museum (Weapons Roo...
West Point Visitors Center
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Admissions Building
This is the home of West Point Admissions. The building was originally the Cadet Hospital, but now this is where you'll go when you visit West Point as a candidate for admission.
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