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Julie Kramer Year: 2016 Major: Interior Design
Abby Fisher Year: 2015 Major: Criminal Justice

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Hello World!

It's me SanDee. Just thought I would let you know that I have arrived!!!! I am a college.......


Thoughts About Senior Year

“College is what you make it”. This is a phrase that I hear on a day to day basis. We often times take a simple phrase such as this for granted. Coming into my senior year I was very discouraged because a large majority of my friends had just graduated and I had to take classes. That.......

didn’t quite grab my interest. After awhile I came to realize that I was letting this affect my outlook on senior year. I quickly turned that train of thought around. This is my last year before I go out into the real world and I would like to make the most of it! I am still very involved in several clubs and activities on campus and I have found points of interest within my classes! It took me a bit this year but I finally realized the true meaning behind the simple phrase “College is what you make it”!

My Life as a College Student

Overwhelming, exciting and stressful - these are words that describe my life as a college student. I am very active within the La Roche community and take great pride in my studies. Each day I find myself running in circles due to everything that I have to fit into one single day. Although each.......

day is filled with non-stop classes, meetings work and events, I know that all the hard work will pay off. Here at La Roche I am establishing a foundation for my future, and every new day is one step closer to what I hope will be an exciting and successful future.

Favorite La Roche Memory

My favorite La Roche memory is the Globe Fashion Show. I love how it showcases the diversity of our school through the music, outfits, and native dancers. It’s a great way to get to know your peers and see all of the wonderful cultural backgrounds that are in the world. I love it!

/> P.S. You can see me in the photos and a video of one of the performances.