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Cross-Cultural Center

About Us
Come chill at "the Cross" - use the kitchen, meet with friends or take a nap. Attend one of many social, cultural and/or educational events held at the Cross-Cultural Center. Read at the lending library with over 2,000 books and videos available for community use. Apply for co-sponsorship funding! It’s available to student and staff organizations whose mission align with our P.L.A.C.E.S Philosophy and also works on issues around social justice and diversity. Share your artwork! The ArtSpace supports artists by showcasing the work of students, staff, faculty and community members.

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Activities and Events

The UCSD Cross-Cultural Center Affiliate Program

The UCSD Cross-Cultural Center Affiliate Program is designed to develop more collaborative and long-lasting relationships with groups, departments and organizations (faculty, staff, and students) who share our mission and philosophy. We aim to connect with our affiliates and to provide them with.......

resources around their social justice efforts.

The Faculty, Author, & Artist in Residence (FAAR) Program

The Faculty, Author, & Artist in Residence Program seeks to work with both the UCSD and the overall community to invite faculty, authors, and artists to be part of the Center. Our Faculty in Residence Program invites one current faculty member of UCSD to be a mentor to the students, offer program.......

support and advisory to the Center, hold office hours and classes, and co-sponsor events open to the community. The Author in Residence Program welcomes authors and lecturers from the community and other universities to introduce their current work, hold dialogue with students, and present their current projects to the community at large. The Artist in Residence Program works closely with both the Special Programs & Marketing Coordinator to put on exhibits and reception logistics, and works with the Office Manager for contracting, insurance and liability, and logistics.

Breather Series

Interested in arts and crafts, yoga, boxing, meditating, karaoke, playing Wii, making smoothies, amongst other fun, active, relaxing, and social programs, then participating in our Breather Series is for you! We offer a variety of programs quarterly to help you de-stress and take a break from busy.......

everyday life, no matter whether you are a student, staff, or faculty. These programs are open to everyone! Please join our list serve to get up to date information about our weekly programs.

The Social Justice L.E.N.S (Leadership, Education, Networking and Service in Community) Program

The Social Justice L.E.N.S Program is an educational film or lecture series organized through the Cross-Cultural Center. Films or lectures may be cosponsored with campus departments, academic courses, or organizations involving students, staff, faculty, or community groups. The principal purpose of.......

the program is to raise or challenge our awareness around the interconnections of culture, representations, power, and position. Facilitated discussion following the film or lecture may also be a component of the Social Justice L.E.N.S. Program when undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, professional staff or community members engage audiences.

Call Nancy Magpusao for more information.