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Kelli Kickerillo Year: 2003 Major: BBA
Katharine Hatcher Year: 2007 Major: History
Robert LeBlanc Year: 1969 Major: B.A. in Education
Ana-Lisa Gonzalez Year: 2000 Major: Master of Education, Educ...
Joseph Courtney Year: 1973 Major: Economics
Joe Salazar Year: 1990 Major: International Studies
Cameron Waldner Year: 2006 Major: B.A. in Political Science
Steve Waldner Year: 1975 Major: Sociology
Joy Kennedy Year: 2011 Major: International Studies
Dan Stoecker Year: 1980 Major: International Studies
Cindy Cormier Year: 2006 Major: Master of Elementary Educ...
Augusta Karolys Year: 1998 Major: BBA
Gabe Canales Year: 1999 Major: BA in Liberal Arts
Keanne Smith Year: 2010 Major: Education

Gabe Canales

About me
“I have always had a heart for serving others. It’s part of my Christian faith; it was what we are called to do. I have been involved in acts of service since college,” Canales said. “I really do appreciate the fact that my education inspired and motivated me to be more active in serving others."

Interesting Facts
At age 35, Gabe Canales was a fit, healthy, active, successful and energetic man focused on serving the many high profile clients of his Houston-based marketing and public relations company, Gabe Progressive Buzz.

So you can imagine his shock when a routine physical revealed that Canales has prostate cancer. Young men don’t get prostate cancer, right? Nearly 65 percent of men diagnosed with prostate cancer are 65 and older, and most doctors don’t even recommend annual screenings for men until their early 50s. But far from its misperception as an “old man’s disease,” prostate cancer affects one in six men.

Instead of slowing down, Canales’ diagnosis kicked him into overdrive and transformed him into an outspoken advocate who boldly shares his personal journey with prostate cancer. Though his doctors can no longer detect cancer in his body, Canales is still under “active holistic surveillance.” He is now more motivated than ever as he takes full advantage of his skills and experience in PR to raise awareness of prostate cancer to save lives.

He’s spoken across the country, written for The Huffington Post and the Houston Chronicle, met with top doctors, researchers and politicians, and appeared in interviews in media outlets across the country.

In addition to maintaining a full roster of clients such as the iconic Tonys Restaurant, Ciao Bello, Fit Athletic Club and Bikram Hot Yoga, Canales has taken on a second full-time job. This summer, Canales officially launched the Blue Cure Foundation, as the blue mens side of the pink campaign for womens breast cancer," he said.

“My passion lies in the Blue Cure Foundation, which is my No. 1 client, and will be for the rest of my life until we find a cure,” he said. “Our goal is to raise awareness of prostate cancer, encourage annual screenings, promote healthier lifestyles for preventative measures, reach a younger generation, and save lives.”

Learn more about Blue Cure Foundation at

General Information

Majors BA in Liberal Arts , Communication & Theology
Hometown Houston, TX
Class Year 1999
Living In Houston, TX